DIAPHRAGM Separates upper chamber operating pressure from line pressure. Buna-N diaphragm standard; EPDM & Viton available if required; all Nylon reinforced for high strength and long life.
O-RING Creates a static seal on the stem.
VALVE SEAT Buna-N, EPDM or Viton compensates for wear on seating surface and maintains a drip-tight seal over extended service life.
SEAT RING Bronze or stainless steel ring is replaceable and provides a lower steel valve stem.
BONNET Four tapped ports for pilot piping. Center port for valve position indicator or valve actuated switches. Epoxy coated same as body.
VALVE SPRING Stainless steel spring aids in closing the valve.
Pressure Relief Valve
Series 108
Digital Electronic Control
Valve 88
Automatic Hydraulic
Valve 6400

Power Actuated
Valve 66/66A
Basic Control
Valve 65/65A
Fire Pump Relief Valve
Model 108FC